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Ahoy shipmates! I’ve imported the lost oppos page and upgraded your membership to enable you to view the page. I will be adding a link soon when I decide the best place to put it. Please use it responsibly and read the couple of rules regarding this data (I still need to apply the GDPR and Privacy stuff, work in progress).

Just type in /lost-oppos/ after the hmsminerva.com url and it will take you there. In future new joiners will have to verify their service, it will probably be Q&A type thing.




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  1. Places visited and not in order
    1985 & 1986:
    Fort Lauderdale twice, Azores, Kiel , Bahamas, Isle of Arran, Isle of Bute, Lisbon, Bordeaux , Rouen, Menorca, Cagliari, Taranto, Gibraltar, Liverpool, Hull, Isle of Man, Portland/Weymouth, Dartmouth

  2. There are several shipmates from the 1973 deployment to the WI (50 years next year) that are planning a reunion in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 2023. There are many moving parts e.g. when to hold; possible Portsmouth port visit by another RN ship; possible hosting of shipmates by Portsmouth residents; a balanced itinerary for approval; special flight savings from UK to Boston; transport from Boston to Portsmouth probably via bus; a possible local HQ in Portsmouth; and more. We are interested in who else would like to be kept in the loop as questions are answers and details are established. (chrisppbrant@gmail.com) On an extra personal note, I would especially like to hear from any Royal Marines who served in the Detachment during the summer of 1973.

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