Dusty Miller & Bill Stacey organised a brilliant reunion at the China Fleet Club - thanks guys. Hi res versions are available, contact the webmaster. I have forgotten some names - my apologies, please let me know and I will rectify the situation.

Gallery 2009

Scan_20210609-2-copy Scan_20210609-copy Scan_20210609-3-copy reunion2011_006 reunion2011_005 hms_minerva hms_minerva_02-med hms_minerva_03 minervafromourlynx minerva commissioning minervarustingfalklands Minerva Last Trip Minerva RAS Pay Rates MV General Belgrano - Peru Minerva to port Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 22.14.31 2013-02-05 21.45.48 2013-05-12 05.37.44 2013-06-03 22.13.53 2013-10-06 07.50.05 2013-10-06 07.50.41 2013-11-22 10.36.44 End of Minerva 424 Pans-People-HMS-Minerva-Mombassa-December-1971 Leading Seaman Pepperell doing the honors Jimmy Edwards Min Tankard geoffcox_taffpowell Ben_Gunn-Marine beer-b-cue JockMacLaughlin-Ben_Gunn-Marines JB_Lean-1st_lieut_line_crossing YorkiePerryco Lofty_Holmes_2 Lofty_Holmes GM_Minerva_from_Plumleaf-31jul82_-return-fm-Falklands_proc GM_Minerva-2_from_Plumleaf-31jul82_-return-fm-Falklands_proc jim_miller_Last_tot